Dummies Guide to GDPR #infographic

Dummies Guide to GDPR

As a business owner, you’ll have to make sure your operations comply with the GDPR. But how does it affect you as an everyday internet user? The only thing most people will need to do is read the cookie consent banners that now appear on websites, and click agree (or not). The GDPR affects everything people do online, but it’s mostly working behind the scenes.

Privacy by Design GDPR (PbD) is the name of an approach toward privacy that all businesses should now take when creating products and building websites. PbD involves keeping data collection to a minimum, and building security measures into all stages of a product’s design.

Obtaining consent simply means asking users for permission to process their data. Companies must explain their data collection practices in clear and simple language, and then users must explicitly agree to them. These new standards of consent prohibit the use of sneaky pre-selected settings in apps, as well as pre-checked boxes on websites.

Dummies Guide to GDPR #infographic

infographic by: termly.io

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