Boost Your Productivity With Multiple Screens #infographic

Boost Your Productivity With Multiple Screens

Many people swear through several monitors, but you may wonder if that is just another form of multiple tasks. So you probably have heard that multitasking actually increases the time that it takes to complete the tasks when you are a productivity expert. Multitaskers may feel that they do multiple tasks simultaneously, but their brains only shift focus very quickly from task to task.

And it takes time for the brain to adjust to the new challenge and change each time it changes its attention. While it can take only a fraction of the second to refocus, these seconds will quickly add up when you move between tasks constantly and increasing your productivity by about 40%. Knowing that, it can be difficult to think about increasing your performance by paying attention to a number of computer screens.

Are we not enough to look after on a screen? How long does it take to shift your concentration between screens? Nevertheless, some studies show that adding a screen can improve work performance by 20% to 30%. For multiple monitors, instead of scrolling around or hitting complicated keys shortcuts combinations, you are able to see all the details you want in front of you at once. But just hook up another screen doesn't promise to boost productivity immediately— it all depends on how you use it.

Pixel control is the trick: to learn how to maximize the picture of the camera, you must perform the tasks. Of course, the type of work you do and the details that you need before you will depend on your particular set-up. While an app development company may need 3 or 4 monitors to maximize its workflow, a writer may only need two for writing and analysis. Confused by which display configuration is suitable for you and how do you customize your screens to improve productivity? Check out the following testing tips, and with multiple screens, you can can your multiple tasks and improve your score.

Boost Your Productivity With Multiple Screens #infographic

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