A Game Changer for Consumer Packaged Goods #infographic

A Game Changer for Consumer Packaged Goods

It increasingly serves as an important ingredient for consumer packaged products, such as meat, drinks and health and wellness products, due to increasing evidence of their health benefits. It is estimated that this booming market will grow from 5 billion dollars in 2019 to 23.7 billion dollars in 2023. Nonetheless, major problems with existing products, including poor bioavailability or the level of absorption of CBD into the bloodstream, need to be addressed.

When the cannabis plant absorbs CBD, it takes the form of the oil. It's hydrophobic like any gas, which means it won't dissolve in water. As a result, CBD oil can be resisted to blood absorption–96% of it is flushed out of the body without any active effect. CBD-infused products can be generated by nanoemulsion. In order to create a water-soluble CBD, the procedure consists of pulverizing cannabinoids into nano dimensions and mixing them with an emulsifier and an olive oil.

A Game Changer for Consumer Packaged Goods #infographic

infographic by: www.visualcapitalist.com

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