9 Benefits of Using a Robotic Vacuum #infographic

9 Benefits of Using a Robotic Vacuum

Robot vacuums are pretty awesome for the most part. They also have fatal flaws—some models more than others. I didn’t set out to be a robot vacuum expert, but I sort of fell into the role on accident. I reviewed the Ry dis H68 Pro robot vacuum, and that opened the flood gates that led to me subsequently reviewing the Neato Bot Vac 80, a couple models of Dee-bot robot vacuums.

The Samsung Power Bot VR 9000—and even the Dyson DC 59 Motor head because Dyson wanted in on the action but didn’t yet have a robot vacuum to share with me. I just received a b Obi robot vacuum and a Neato Bot Vac Connected to review, and I expect Dyson to share a 360 Eye robot vacuum with me as well.

9 Benefits of Using a Robotic Vacuum #infographic

infographic by: www.robotaspirador.com

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