6 Golden Tips When Choosing A Website Builder #infographic

6 Golden Tips When Choosing A Website Builder

How do you choose a person or company to have your website made? In a sea of web designers, advertising agencies and freelancers, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. clasywebsitebuilders is the best guide to know about website builders

1. View the references

The fastest way to get an idea of the website creator is to view references. Almost every web designer has a portfolio on his / her website or a selection with some references from customers. Visit these websites! Do they look professional? Do they work well? Can all the information be found quickly?

Also, don't be afraid to contact the people behind the references and to ask about their experiences with the website builder. You will soon notice whether what the web designer says is also in line with reality.

2. Take a good look at the options

This is a very important one. Before you work with a web designer or web design agency you must be certain that what you are asking is possible. Not all web designers or companies have all the knowledge that is needed for your specific wishes. Typical examples are making a logo, making company photos, writing texts for the website.

Nowadays, a lot more is involved in creating a website than in the past. He must:

Be responsive
Adapt to all possible screen sizes from PC to smartphone.

Be found
in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo via SEO search engine optimization.

Easy to adjust
via a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Social media are ready
so you can easily share pages or novelties.

Be secure
against burglary through, among other things, an HTTPS certificate (green lock at the top of the address bar).

3. Ask for the price model

Everyone uses a different model to determine their prices. Sometimes you pay a one-off fee for the website and annually for the hosting and the domain name. Sometimes you only pay a monthly amount for both the creation of the website, the domain name, and maintenance. Sometimes you pay everything separately, monthly or annually, with or without a maintenance contract ... Everything is possible. This is important to know.

However, don't be fooled. For example, one can advertise a super cheap website of € 400, but then the small print of the conditions states that you are bound for two years to a maintenance contract of € 50 per month, which ultimately comes down to € 1600 ...

4. Choose a company that suits you

There are one-man businesses that create websites, there are small companies with 5 employees, but there are also companies with 50 employees or more.

If you have a large company yourself, you can also approach a large web design company to create your website. They are used to working with other large companies and can, therefore, best estimate your needs and requirements. Your marketing people can then talk to their marketing people, your designers to their designers and so on. A large company will generally also place higher demands on the website builder. In that case, it is useful to work with a company that has all possible specializations in-house.

However, if you have a sole-trader then an independent web designer will often be a better choice. One executive and therefore one contact for all your questions. Moreover, the price will also be more in line with the budget for your small business. Reason: an independent web designer has no large personnel costs and other overhead costs compared to a large company. The customer's requirements are often lower, which means that no additional staff is needed.

5. Also, think about the future

Who will maintain the website? Who will make adjustments? If my company grows can my website also grow easily? Who will make backups? Is this all included in the price or are there extra costs involved?

Also, check whether you can easily change web designers afterward. You must be the owner of the website files and you must be the owner of the domain name. In short: you must be in control. Are you not satisfied anymore? Then you simply have to be able to change. Check this in advance.

6. The click, the gut feeling

Everything can still be presented so beautifully on paper, if the click is not there then it will become nothing. As with everything, you best trust your gut feeling. Have all your questions been answered and do you feel good about it? Then go for it.


You can never ask too many questions. The more you know the better you can make a choice.

6 Golden Tips When Choosing A Website Builder #infographic

infographic by: clasywebsitebuilders.com

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