The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z #infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z

Generation Z marketing merely calls for your approach and strategy to shift. The savvy marketer is going to do well to study their practices and hang out areas. The key to nailing Generation Z marketing is to learn about them as much as possible. No generation has been as empowered as Gen Z is.

Technology has provided liberty from traditional media channels to break free. This liberty, in turn, gave them a decision on their preferred platform of what they eat when they eat it. Traditional marketing thrived on collecting information from present trends and using it to build the next effective campaign.

That strategy is rapidly losing its power as Gen Z is not in present trends— they are searching to pursue the next trend. Brands that anticipate the "next wave" are successful in their marketing of Generation Z. It's all about offering an experience they're enjoying with Gen Z. That's why most of our time's (and going into the future) effective advertising campaigns are more about experiencing the product. This strategy runs counter to traditional techniques of marketing that rely more on information campaigns.
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z #infographic

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