The Tech Skills Gap By the Numbers #infographic

The Tech Skills Gap By the Numbers

We have helped tens of businesses to increase their knowledge of accessibility into their workplaces since PEAT was founded in 2013. The majority of our network businesses are now subject to accessibility policies and programs. They make digital accessibility an increasingly important component, not a secondary component, both for their inner systems and their products and services.

You do so because you looked at the business case and you understand that it is useful for the end and the correct thing to do. PEAT has found, however, that many organisations, with the available technology skills they require, can not find jobs-57% report that their goods and services are therefore less accessible than they want.

PEAT convened over 60 leaders throughout the technical field in December 2017 to discuss how affordable technology can be improved. The absence of available technology abilities in the IT sector was a significant problem recognized.

The Tech Skills Gap By the Numbers #infographic

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