The Science Behind Golf #infographic

The Science Behind Golf

When you think of golf, do you believe of science? Well, perhaps you ought to: golf is a sport which involves physical forces. The direction of the ball is influenced by precision and strength, movement and aerodynamics as the ball passes across the air and the ground. This week (9–12 August) will be held in St Louis in Missouri, the Professional Golfers ' Association (PGA). Read about golf science and skill to get a better appreciation.

In order to comprehend golf physics in full, the rotational motion mechanics, namely the turn of an object on its axis, must be considered. When hitting the ball, your wrists must be relaxed by the golf swing, so that the club is unchecked, using no rotary force on the club. The bracelet enables the golf club to "straighten" and achieve velocity, which becomes difficult.

The Science Behind Golf #infographic

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