The power of Forgiveness #infographic

The power of Forgiveness

Pardon is a cornerstone of Christian faith. We understand Christ has died in order to obtain forgiveness, and we understand that we are called to forgive others. But sometimes, owing to a lack of understanding, or emotions of bitterness we have not dealt with, we may not fully understand the necessity and strength of real forgiveness.

I'd have grudges like that before I knew God. Especially if I felt unfairly treated myself or others. But when I was saved, it all altered, including my capacity to let crimes go, and more readily forgive. It is so much simpler to demonstrate compassion and forgiveness to others when we understand the magnitude of a ideal God knowing each of our hideous, selfish, even terrible deeds and ideas, and still choosing to love and forgive us. Because your perspective and the way you see life changes when you understand God.

Every problem, problem, annoyance and offense in the light of eternity seems to carry little weight. When you communicate daily with the God who gave his son for you, it's difficult to carry a grudge. "Thank you, Lord, for eternal life and freedom, but I can't just forgive my sister for refusing to watch my children." So if April, my ancient college friend reads this, I forgive you without asking for destroying half of my wardrobe... and I'm sorry that moment to hide your car keys. All right on both occasions.
The power of Forgiveness #infographic

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