The Buzz of the Mosquito #infographic

The Buzz of the Mosquito

The drawing on the right that shows portion of the wing of the mosquito allows the sound breathing or murmuring. When the mosquito flashes its wings, the comb-liken half, shown in blue, shatters with the portion in yellow. Why do mosquitoes mozzle in your ears? (Source: "On a Possible Stridulating Mosquito organ")

You can't assist it. You can't help. The wings of mosquitoes create that irritating buzz or whin sound every time they fly. When they round their head in search of a location where they can land and bit, their buzz sounds louder when they are near to their ears. Both male and female moustaches buzz, since the two have wings, and because they don't want to drink your blood, you won't likely notice the whine. They remain away from your ears and eat nectar, and the women approach you. Researchers have found that mosquito buzz is more than just a manner to upset you. In fact, to assist them find appropriate cousins is essential.

The Buzz of the Mosquito #infographic

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