The Accessible Technology Skills Gap #infographic

The Accessible Technology Skills Gap

The answers show that although businesses obviously think that such investments are valuable, the skill gap can result in higher expenses and reduced productivity. In particular, organisations pay to develop these abilities through important on - the-job training or supplementing them with internal training. One respondent complained that "we are resigned to being able to employ very bright individuals, but that when it comes to accessibility, we will have to begin from square One." Nearly 40% said that jobs in their organisations remain open longer or go unfulfilled because applicants do not have available technological abilities.

The participants say that there is a growing need for accessibility abilities— a good news for applicants looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd! Among sector participants, 83 percent revealed that the demand for accessibility abilities has increased moderately or significantly over the past 5 years, with more than 93 percent of participants expecting this requirement to rise in the future. And 93.5% of all participants said that personal hiring more individuals with accessibility abilities is "very crucial" for them.

The Accessible Technology Skills Gap #infographic

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