The 5 Stages of Compulsive Gambling #infographic

The 5 Stage of Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive or pathological gambling is a progressive disease, a psychological disorder that can be overcome just as hard as alcohol or drug addiction. A number of phases are experienced by the compulsive gambler, each with its own warning signs. While the amount of phases differs from 3 to 5, all are comparable in the first three, based on the source.

This paper deals with the 5 phases, as this is the most complete. Note that not all compulsive gamblers are going to experience all the stages as they can give up before the final one. Furthermore, in contrast to an escape problem gambler, mainly female, we will refer to the action compulsive gambler, mainly male. Generally masculine Action Compulsive Gambler Profile, the compulsive gambler action has an I.Q. Over 120, he controls, manipulates and dominates, and he has a great ego.

He is also confident, assertive, vigorous, and highly persuasive, yet low in self-esteem. The compulsive gambler intervention typically began early gambling, often in adolescent years. The stages take place over a period of 10 to 30 years. Typically, games of choice are ability games, generally card games like poker, craps or dice games, horse or dog racing, and sports betting–both legal and illegal gambling venues.

The compulsive action gambler tries to beat the "house," and thinks he has a scheme that will allow him to score the large victory. Compulsive gambler action studies indicate that he will frequently switch to slots or video poker games during the subsequent stages in an effort to escape the despair he feels about ongoing losses.
The 5 Stage of Compulsive Gambling #infographic

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