Negative Effects of JUUL Over Teen Usage #infographic

Negative Effects of JUUL Over Teen Usage

Have you ever seen an adolescent smoke a plastic piece? That's electronic cigarettes, yeah. And, of course, JUUL is the most famous day these days. But what makes young people so attractive? And just how common is it? We were curious, so we questioned 10,000 adolescents across America how many times and why they enjoy their JUULs. See what they had to say. See what they said.

Of interest, 79% of participants said that their parents do not permit them to smoke (regular cigarettes and electronics). Yet adolescents still want to smoke at home and in college. 64% of young people notice that they attempt to do it in an isolated location when they smoke in college. When questioned if this is done to prevent the teachers / head masters ' judgement or penalty, people like social media and other people have the greatest impact on young people today.

In fact, this should not be surprising: these days, children are highly engaged in social media. 87 percent of our participants said they have 2 social media accounts at least. With respect to the friendly factor, 66 percent of those interviewed said that they began to use JUUL to avoid the smoking of electronic cigarettes.

Negative Effects of JUUL Over Teen Usage #infographic

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