LED Vs Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Technology #infographic

LED Vs Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Technology

The architecture of buildings today can make us marvel at their complexities and surprise us with the technology required for comfort. The development of emergency lighting further shows how structures can transform digitally in order to achieve cleaner and more intelligent cities. The lighting itself is technologically advancing because of the software and services used in the storage, processing and analysis of capable sensor data collected.

In any emergency lighting study, the discussion usually arises about the kind of lights that perform efficiently. Some people prefer fluorescent illumination while others prefer LED illumination. In recent times, however, many have come to the conclusion that this latter offers better services than fluorescent services. This article shows why fluorescent technology has the upper hand in emergency illumination. We will also demonstrate the advantage of using emergency lighting LEDs.

LED Vs Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Technology #infographic

infographic by: wbstech.com.au

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