How Crypto Is Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem #infographic

How Crypto Is Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency industry is somewhat like the Wild West at the moment. It is unregulated, it provides a dose of anonymity that can be abused readily, and it seems impossible to regulate it. The present Bitcoin price differs wildly from day to day as it is not controlled by the state. Although transactions are not taxed, they are legally subject to taxation, something the state does not always find simple to implement.

From the introduction of Bitcoin and Ethereum to the Libra of Facebook, blockchain techniques and cryptography have raised dust and changed the notion of finance as we understand it. We understand it's interesting and innovative the whole thing. But is that secure? The need for a trusted intermediary is totally eliminated as cryptocurrency transactions work on open internet ledgers.

The very presence of cryptocurrency exchanges is an affront to them, given that banks construct their entire company on the basis of being trusted intermediaries and managing transactions for other individuals. Banks are concerned, governments are frightened, financial experts are torn between glee and gloom, and consumers just don't know what to think about.

How Crypto Is Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem #infographic

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