Give Your Career a Head Start #infographic

Give Your Career a Head Start

Although employment growth has risen since the 1990s, market navigation continues a challenging task. Saying this, hunting for work begins sooner than you believe. 54 percent of latest graduates have experienced barriers in finding constant jobs, the correct job, or internship since 2017. The path to your dream job begins long before graduation with the hiring market in the air.

To begin the selection of the correct career route for you, meet with your college advisor or attend a job fair. This will help with the selection of the correct college and major. Holding abilities in critical thinking, communication, and problem solving is crucial as 4 out of 5 employers are looking for hires with a wide understanding of liberal arts and sciences. Preparing reference letters, constructing an internet portfolio, and having a powerful Linkedin presence can be very helpful when searching for a job.

Six months after university, 64% of American graduates are hired or involved in further studies-but some universities are seeing much better results. For a better shift from college to career, give your career a head start-choose the correct college.

Give Your Career a Head Start #infographic

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