Finding the Best Hotels for Your Team #infographic

Finding the Best Hotels for Your Team

Also, when comparing B&B to hotel, savings are not only in the sticker price. But what you may not know is how many other things you get for free in a b&b-bottled water, wifi, car park, concierge service-even happy hours of wine and cheese. Hotels will charge you a lot of this, which means that you will eventually pay much more than the price of the sticker.

What kind of luxuries do you expect, in addition to what we already mentioned, during your next B&B stay? First of all, 97 percent of B&Bs offer private bathrooms at But there is more. There is more. Many today's B&Bs provide spa facilities and free references to nearby sights and services. Don't worry, if you have special dietary constraints: not only do many B&Bs serve organic and locally sourced food, but most hosts are more than happy to serve specifically prepared food for vegetarians, vegan people or those without gluten!

Finding the Best Hotels for Your Team #infographic

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