9 Biggest Myths About Singapore Properties #infographic

9 Biggest Myths About Singapore Properties

Property Asset Progression in Singapore refers essentially to the growth of one's wealth through carefully planned investments in properties in Singapore. The word "progression" means the process of progressively developing or moving towards a higher state. Property Asset Progression's ultimate goal is to allow the person to build a good retirement fund through sound investment in property in his or her golden years.

As of December 2018, Singapore has a very high home ownership rate of 91% (based on data from the Singapore Department of Statistics). Wanting to own a piece of real estate here in Singapore is in nearly every blood of Singapore. And in many cases, for very good reasons, multiple properties will be touched on just below. And do you know that nearly one in five property buyers in Singapore is a permanent resident or foreigner in Singapore? These are some of Singapore property's very high-profile buyers in recent years: Eduardo Saverin, James Dyson, Jim Rogers, Sun Tongyu, Jackie Chan, Jet Li.
9 Biggest Myths About Singapore Properties #infographic

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