10 Animals Your Children May Never See #infographic

10 Animals Your Children May Never See

I felt the deep sorrow that I heard about Sudan, the death of the last man in North White Rhino, and that we are witnessing first-hand what humanity has done to constantly intervene and rampantly abuse its natural resources. We were responsible for the destruction of an entire species–and most papers didn't even write the front page news. Ten other species are included in the WWF's list of endangered or critical threatened.

Wild tigers are threatened by braching the most immediately. The tiger is traded on illegal exchanges in every portion of the tiger— from whiskers to tails. Unfortunately, their components are used as status symbols among some Asian cultures for the purposes of medicine, folk remedies and increasingly. Sundarbans are one of the biggest and most adapted tigers in the world.

This mangrove forest region is divided into India and Bangladesh with a multitude of different species, including tigers, and is protected against storm and wind pollution. The increasing water standards resulting from climate change threaten to wipe out this forest and the tiger population's last surviving habitat. It is only lately that tiger numbers have slowly increased following a continuous attempt.

10 Animals Your Children May Never See #infographic

infographic by: www.africansafarihome.com

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