What is Outbound Marketing? #infographic

What is Outbound Marketing?

Long ago, people got their news from this paper-based medium called a "newspaper." This paper, full of news from the events of the day or week, provided information to the masses about events within their community, nation, or world.  Newspapers had two income sources that allowed them to continue producing and distributing their publications: 1) subscriptions / sales and 2) advertisers.  Some articles on news and on advertisements were heavy.

Those documents were charging more for each copy.  Other ads heavy papers and news light, well, they were cheaper to purchase or sometimes free.  While we're speaking here in the past about journals, they're still there.  But as more and more individuals get their news from their favourite sources on the internet, their readership is down.  Some of these online sources include newspaper web versions.Why are newspapers even mentioned?

A young entrepreneur trying to sell newspapers has an ancient cliché picture.  He would be standing on a busy sidewalk or road corner shouting, "Extra! Read everything about it!"And then add a headline like" Astronauts land on the moon!"Newspapers used to issue a morning edition, but they would also issue an evening edition if there were some great news.  That night edition was known as the paper's "additional" edition.

This young businessman did outbound marketing anyway.In order to get the word out, outbound marketing is a shout-it - from-the-rooftop strategy.  The concept is that some of them will probably be concerned if enough individuals meet the ad.  Going back to selling newspapers to our young entrepreneur, he understands not everyone is going to purchase one.

If that was the case, he would sell out in a couple of minutes.  But he had a fair expectation of buying some of the individuals in the crowd.  He wouldn't communicate separately with each passerby.  Instead, he broadcast to as many as possible his sales pitch, hoping some would react.
What is Outbound Marketing? #infographic

infographic by: landauconsulting.com

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