Upgrade Your Microwave Meals #infographic

Upgrade Your Microwave Meals

You are out of college, but the taste and comfort of your favourite university grades are still appreciated. During the first' real' job, working long hours can feel like tugging up for midterms all nigh, which makes prepared food a great time saver. It's also easy if you don't know what to do for dinner, and you haven't mastered the art of pottery. Moreover, it's far cheaper to stock up on microwaves or water food, because, let's face it, salaries at the entrance levels generally don't have a lot of disposable income.

But as you still rely on school habits, as your new adult, you may have realized you won't ever be able to eat big amounts of junk food. Fortunately, it's simple to create altered foods to make them more delicious, healthy and filling. Try to create your favourite dormitory food for the adult world, with these healthy hacks.
Upgrade Your Microwave Meals #infographic

infographic by: www.fix.com

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