The Metal Composition of American Coins Since 1783 #infographic

The Metal Composition of American Coins Since 1783

Coins have a fairly wealthy history in the United States. There's something out there to interest anyone from the early coins like the three-cent piece and the half-cent to some of the more modern favorites like the Sacagawea dollar. Some of this ancient American currency can also offer us an insight into areas of American history, including the copper shortage that took place during the Second World War.

This infographic Outlet looks at the metal structure of American coins dating back to 1783. As you can imagine, there are several discontinued and outdated coins, including the 20-cent piece, which, owing to the comparable weight and size of it, was not a enormous hit because individuals often confuse it for a quarter. With ten distinct components to make up the structure of dozens of distinct coins, which one of these is the most interesting to you?

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