The Last Straw #infographic

The Last Straw

Plastic straws in many respects characterize our wasteful practices, becoming part of the plastic-free motion poster kid. With plastic straws, we've had a lengthy history. From beer drinking in ancient times to reed straws.

By their use to avoid disease spread in soda fountains in America. Of course, with the development of fast food and takeaways there was an extremely high rise in the use of plastic strands. It is difficult to imagine a burger meal sold worldwide without accompanying plastic straw and soda.

Stranded plastic gets a poor rap. These modern instruments are always ready and help us to suck down our beverages without placing cups in our mouths. We use it once and throw it away, arguably completely unessential (except that which might require it because of physical restrictions).

But times change. Times change. Firms choose to substitute paper straws or alternative ways that are eco-friendly. Consumers say no. Governments work to ban plastic straws. Is the last straw all but time? See our infographic for our plastic straws below.

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