The Hipster’s Guide to ROI #infographic

The Hipster’s Guide to ROI

The stereotypical lingo hipster fits in this situation. Many of the buzzwords and acronyms in the marketing return globe are rather obscure and at least some of them might well not be familiar to you. This can cause a disturbing experience to navigate a ROI report. I am ready to settle down when I run into a document that is jargon-filled and I do not know or comprehend. I understand that I am not alone. I understand I am not alone.

This is a problem because little is more crucial than the bottom line in company. And the ROI metric and equations are the name of the match when it comes to the bottom line.

If you're in a loss to decipher combinations of CPA, CVR and CPL letters and to differentiate them, don't hesitate. We've covered you. The following infographic brings you through the most popular acronyms and esoteric language relating to marketing ROI.
The Hipster’s Guide to ROI #infographic

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