The Dementia Epidemic #infographic

The Dementia Epidemic

In the early 1980s it was described as "The Silent Epidemic,"1 elderly dementia quickly became an invitation to clarify government health professionals around the world. The incidence of dementia in individuals 80 years and over mainly explains the epidemic.

 In many, particularly rich, nations around the globe, this' ancient' population will continue to develop and the dementia epidemic will increase globally since it is the biggest percentage of instances of dementia.

While population-based surveys or survey information indicate a decreasing age-specific prevalence or rates incidence among those born later in the first half of the 20th century, latest reports show a rise in the amount of instances of dementias.

 These reports are fascinating to us and educate us about potential changes which add to the epidemic of this frequently tragic situation. We think these reports are In order to study, develop, and avoid prevention, it is often essential to better control epidemics, including those involving chronic diseases, that we know what variables contribute.
The Dementia Epidemic #infographic

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