Iconic 2000's Movie Characters #infographic

Iconic 2000's Movie Characters

Since the turn of the century, times have altered. However, our love of everything never goes away in the early 2000s. Who didn't enjoy the notorious red tapete denim look of Britney and Justin? Or perhaps the tie obsession of Avril Lavigne was your velocity more. Somebody, low-rise jeans?

Though we may be questioning some fashion decisions, it is clear that we had so many iconic clicks over the last 10 years. To enjoy a 00's film binge, you don't need a denim ensemble, but we would've never said no to fit the 2000's movie outfits. See our list of the decade's memorable film citations and let us know if your favourites have made the list!
Iconic 2000's Movie Characters #infographic

infographic by: www.costumesupercenter.com

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