How 9 Creative Minds Got Their Ideas #infographic

How 9 Creative Minds Got Their Ideas

The Russian composer has been commonly regarded as one of the most significant and influential 20th century musicians. But how did the revolutionary musical keep his mind fresh every day? He did headstands. He did headstands. Stravinsky had him locked for hours during his masterpieces composed. He would have a headstand, which he said "rests the head and clears the brain, if he achieved a creative block.

One of the most versatile and rich painters of this 20th century, this Mustachian surrealist master. His work examined the most profound spheres of dream and subconscious imagination. His mystery? Sleeping with a important –a siesta less than a second in the afternoon. In a Chair with a heavy metal stick over a plate Dali would sit. The moment he dabbled, he dropped the key on the tray and woken up. He thought that he could use the fluid room between sleep and wake where mysterious pictures are presented.
How 9 Creative Minds Got Their Ideas #infographic

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