Google’s John Mueller: No Benefit to Marking All Outbound Links as Nofollow

Google's John Mueller has cleared up a misconception as to whether all outbound links are a ranking advantage. It was during the latest Google Webmaster Central hagout that asked this query: "What do you believe about the practice of certain major publishers that tag all outgoing connections to rel= nofollow? From what I know, the reasoning behind this is that you would spill the junction juice and then get worse. "In his reaction, Muellier did not thoroughly say that this hypothesis is" certainly false. "In reality, it may cause issues with time if you have an attribute of nofollow on all outgoing connections because it is a natural way to connect to web sites.

 Here is the answer from Mueller: "Surely that is incorrect. Certainly not that you would be worse than if you used all the outgoing links if you used ordinary links on your website.

 On the contrary, I think it'll even be a bit better if you have a standard link on your website, most likely because we can see that you belong to the ordinary internet environment.

So definitely not, by marking outgoing connections as nofollow, you have some ranking benefit.

Why Do Some Sites Use Rel=Nofollow on All Links?

He suggests they do this to keep them secure. The publications don't know the links, so they don't follow everything. This is difficult, Mueller suggests as editors should be able to stand behind what they write.

But fundamentally, you should trust what you are writing, if you are a news publisher.

Or you should know which portion of the material you're writing about is the real content you want to index–which you want.

 If you want to stand for these stuff, make sure you have ordinary connections.

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