Data Never Sleeps 7.0 #infographic

Data Never Sleeps 7.0

In 2019, our lives are packed with all sorts of information. And this information never falls asleep.
Data is produced in ad-clicks, social media like, shares, transactions, content streaming, etc. And it can transform your thinking about company by placing information in everybody's hands.

By establishing a fresh connection between your individuals, information and systems, Domo wants to empower every individual within your organisation.In our seventh Data Never Sleeps edition you will find out precisely how many information are produced with some of the most famous platforms and businesses in 2019 every minute of every day.
Data Never Sleeps 7.0 #infographic

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Data Never Sleeps 7.0 #infographic Data Never Sleeps 7.0 #infographic Reviewed by Sheraz Malik on August 04, 2019 Rating: 5

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