A Century Of Pandemics #infographic

A Century Of Pandemics

100 years ago, 50 million individuals were murdered in just two years by the Spanish influenza. Public health specialists believe it is probable that in the next five years there will be another significant pandemic.

 It is important for every organization to be aware of and be prepared for the risks of a pandemic whether it is a flu variable, Ebola, or something new. Make the first step in preparation for a pandemic and begin to develop a pandemic plan. Learn how your staff are to be protected-from storing cleaning supplies to applying a remote operating policy.

Create a detailed plan that takes these activities into consideration and develop training sessions that build understanding and understanding of the plan. You can act rapidly and deter injury or death if your staff respond instinctively.

It is also essential to continue building your skills with a range of professional eBooks and webinars. Find out more from our public health and emergency prevention professionals about the best preparatory and communication strategies in these resources.
A Century Of Pandemics #infographic

infographic by: alertfind.com

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