9 natural ways to cure jet lag #infographic

9 natural ways to cure jet lag

Based on easy traveling fatigue and the effort of doing a lengthy journey, until lately many thought it would be terrible after a long-haul flight. Studies have shown instead that the jet lag is in reality the natural answer of the organism to the unnatural journey over time zones. We are not synchronized by our uneven daylight exposure to our circadian rhythm–the same inner clock that tells the birds to sing.

Just as birds have shown themselves to adapt to the artificial circumstances of urban life, we beings can better deal with the jet lag if we operate intelligently with our environment. This is a huge relief for all those who don't want a quick assembled cocktail of improper over - the-counter remedies to begin their holidays.

The key is to regulate our sleep by tapping the regulatory system. Spending the day out when we arrive is a wonderful way to force our body to recognize the fresh time zone as sun exposure tells our body about changes in circumstances.

It is essential that when it comes time to go to the hotel room for bed, it is both excellent quality and well-considered. This implies making familiar measures, such as relaxing exercises and cutting off distractions, to guarantee that you sleep well during the night (at least four hours to anchor your fresh routine). It's great to add powernaps to your daily sleep, but not so long as they ruin the night in front of you–or keep you from getting out on the daylight.
9 natural ways to cure jet lag #infographic

infographic by: www.expedia.ca

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