6 Fun Facts About The Easter Bunny #infographic

6 Fun Facts About The Easter Bunny

This is another time of year! Time to smash the decorative pastel, break out the colors of food for the eggs that are dead to eat and stretch the belt over every peep... this is spring! That is to say Easter is around the corner and there is an iconic symbol of Easter that captures the imagination of millions of kids regardless of how you celebrate.

The eternally fascinating Easter Bunny! But did you ever wonder how it turned out to be Easter Bunny? What was the origin of Easter Bunny? How can all the colorful Easter baskets be delivered? Fortunately, we have some fun facts about Easter Bunny, which answer these questions and more!
6 Fun Facts About The Easter Bunny #infographic

infographic by: www.costumesupercenter.com

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