WordPress Continues To Take Over The Internet #infographic

WordPress Continues To Take Over The Internet

We released an infographic about the incredible development of WordPress over two years ago. As you know, anything that happened in the tech industry two years ago is ancient history. It was time to revisit the topic, we decided. Over these two years, a lot has altered.  WordPress's dominance is not there.

To date, the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web remains WordPress. Although the internet has grown and developed around the platform, the market dominance of WordPress has stayed unchanged and unchallenged (comparatively). It's more popular than ever, if anything, with more than 60 percent of CMS market share.

Even conservative estimates are close to 64 million for the amount of websites operating WordPress. That's almost 34 percent of all internet websites. The biggest competition of the platform at this point is not other CMS, but websites that do not use a CMS.

And that gap is about to close. The market share of WordPress has grown by a whopping 38 percent over the past five years. That development also does not show any signs of stopping. Users of WordPress publish about 42 million fresh posts on a monthly basis and leave 60.5 million remarks.
WordPress Continues To Take Over The Internet #infographic

infographic by: www.a2hosting.com

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