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Turkish Lira Chronicles #infographic

Turkish Lira Chronicles

On May 7, a tribunal in Istanbul sentenced Cansu Pişkin, a journalist for the leftist everyday Evrensel, to 10 months in jail for "creating a target for terrorist organisations for a civil servant," noted Medyascope's television news website.

The court suspended the sentence of Pişkin in the next five years, barring a repeated offense. In a news article, Pişkin had included the name of a lawyer in a case against a group of college pupils who protested the military intervention of Turkey in Syria in 2018. In the final hearing, Pişkin pleaded not guilty.

Her defense team said their client had no intention of turning the prosecutor into a goal by including his name in the article, pointing out that the name of the prosecutor was also featured in other media papers.
Turkish Lira Chronicles #infographic

infographic by: www.orbex.com

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