The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee #infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

You can create anything with cold brew coffee: protein shakes, flavored coffee, cocktails, and... boba? These 15 distinct coffee beverage recipes, strange, special and delicious, can assist you chill out this summer. Relax, chill by the pool, or celebrate a stay-cation by swirling your coffee with fresh flavors for a while.

You can attempt popular favourites like toasted coconut and vanilla caramel or get really experimental with chicory-flavored, cold brew New Orleans or bullet-proof coffee. Make a cocktail or sip your favourite drink in a healthier variant. You don't even need an espresso machine to play this summer as a barista!

 Cold brew is just made with cold water, coarsely ground coffee, and time. Because it’s brewed with time rather than heat and pressure, the chemical differences result in a smoother, nuttier blend. Try it, and try these recipes! It’s totally going to up your coffee game.
The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee #infographic

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