The Tallest Trees in the World #infographic

The Tallest Trees in the World

Trees are a steady source of wonder for those of us who enjoy the woods. Wherever you are, towering forest giants can make you feel small, but some dwarf the rest. Some of Earth's highest trees can be discovered in Borneo's inaccessible tropics and Tasmania's ancient forests. The tallest trees in Europe are more than 20 stories high, but they are all non-native species from wilder areas of the globe.

But none of these can match the majestic grandeur and cathedral awe of the old-growth tree and sequoia trees on the California coast— the forest's ancient kings. These trees are real giants. The grandfather of all of them, a magnificent redwood coast called Hyperion, is 20 m above London's Big Ben or New York's Statue of Liberty.

The real scale of these towering titans is difficult to understand, but hopefully this infographic can help our small human minds understand the trees ' enormity.
The Tallest Trees in the World #infographic

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