Summer Lawn Care Maintenance #infographic

Summer Lawn Care Maintenance

If spring lawn care is about making your lawn healthy and green, summer lawn care is about maintaining it healthy while temperatures rise and precipitation turns into a fleeting memory. It's also about keeping a lawn that can handle all the barbecues, games, parties, and running feet that summer has to give. Here are some tips to keep your lawn in form during the lengthy, warm summer days.

Summer adds a lot of stress to lawn grasses after the spring growing season. Not only is the heat and drought harmful, but in the summer we are not as forgiving as we are in the winter. For outdoor activities, we want our lawns lush and green, and we attempt to battle nature by continuing to fertilize, water, and coax fresh development out of our lawns no matter what the weather. However, you can take measures to care for your lawn softly as the mercury increases by knowing and respecting the seasonal changes in turf grasses.
Summer Lawn Care Maintenance #infographic

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