Marketing Artists vs. Marketing Scientists #infographic

Marketing Artists vs. Marketing Scientists

Stan Woods of Velocity Partners provided his ideas on how fast marketing has evolved over the previous few months in a wonderful article released last week, and the fresh marketing roles generated by this shift.

Woods distinguishes between creative-driven and data-driven marketers in his closing paragraph by referring to them as "marketing performers" and "marketing researchers," respectively. These differences, though a slight oversimplification, retain a lot of reality about the present gap that exists within many marketing agencies.

Technology has enabled marketers to monitor, quantify, and optimize marketing procedures at a stage unheard of just over a year ago. This new arena of objective measurement and data-driven thinking has come to dominate the marketing scientist, while creative thoughts and a more abstract way of thinking continue to flourish on the marketing artist.

But while these two differentiated marketers may sometimes disagree about where the focus should be, the marketing departments that will really excel in this fresh marketing era are the ones that acknowledge the importance in both methods. We have placed together the infographic below to assist highlight the tremendous assets that can be brought to the table by marketing performers and marketing researchers and the benefit of finding a balance between the two.
Marketing Artists vs. Marketing Scientists #infographic

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