iTunes 18 Years Evolution History #infographic

 iTunes 18 Years Evolution History

If you had a opportunity to watch the 2019 WWDC event, you'd understand that iTunes has lastly been let go by Apple. Apple has broken down iTunes into three distinct parts–Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts–instead of just one application to handle your digital media content. Now that your all-time favourite iTunes app is gone, it's time to look at what Apple has done to the app in its 18-year history. The infographic below demonstrates you just that.

iPhone isn't the first iTunes-supported mobile phone–If you think the iPhone was the first and only iTunes-supported device, you're mistaken because iTunes originally supported other manufacturers ' devices. When on June 28, 2005 (about 13 years ago) Apple added support for mobile phone links in iTunes, the first two devices to get this support were actually from Motorola.

These phones were Motorola ROKR E1 and Motorola SLVR. Apple added support for the iPhone 3 G to the iTunes application only after three years, on July 10, 2008. So if you own a Motorola phone, you've got something to praise your iPhone friends because their iPhones weren't the first phones that the iTunes app supports.
 iTunes 18 Years Evolution History #infographic

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