Is 5G the Service We All Waited for? #infographic

Is 5G the Service We All Waited for?

AT&T said Tuesday that in the first half of next year it will launch its first 5G phone, developed by Samsung. On Monday, Verizon said the same thing, and also in the future, T-Mobile and Sprint promised 5G phones.

It may sound exciting, but you don't need to worry about buying one of the first phones to support it.

The new 5G networks that will roll out in 2019 will provide quicker speeds and better connectivity, but most individuals will not be able to access them as they will only be accessible next year in a tiny amount of markets. Moreover, the way we use phones today is not really going to require the faster data speeds that 5G will deliver. The 4G LTE networks of today are more than quick enough to stream all the video and music you want on your device.

By the end of this year, AT&T pledged coverage in just 12 towns and seven extra towns in the first quarter of 2019. Verizon's commercial 5G service is only accessible in five markets at the moment.
T-Mobile claims a nationwide network will be launched in 2020. Sprint says it will arrive in the first half of next year with its first 5G phone, built by LG, but will support 5G speeds in just nine markets before it rolls out to extra fields. These phones are also going to work on 4G LTE networks if they are not on 5G. However, your current phone will not be able to work on 5G.
Is 5G the Service We All Waited for? #infographic

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