How To Find and Hire The Best Candidates #infographic

How To Find and Hire The Best Candidates

It is just as important for the employer to be prepared during a job interview as the applicant. Nearly 7 in 10 hiring managers struggle to fill crucial positions and end up with a bad fit. The cliche ”describe a time when…” line of interview questions have become standard, but you can’t find the perfect fit for your company by asking the same questions everyone else does.

Ask questions along the lines of “What do you know about us and why do you want to work here?” Open-ended questions such as “Could you tell me about a time when you were bored at work” make people think about their real answer rather than the sought-for response. For applicants, take the time to stand out before your interview.

 Research the company you’re interviewing with, have a strong LinkedIn presence, and connect with others by creating and engaging with content Finding the perfect new hire starts with asking the right questions.

This infographic exemplifies strong interview questions to ask while on the hunt for strong candidates.
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