A Latte Art Guide From Barista #infographic

A Latte Art Guide From Barista

In all of human history, there has never been a higher time to enjoy the art of carefully arranged frothed milk on top of a creamy espresso. Latte art has exploded throughout the globe since its inception some thirty years ago. Never before has coffee been the same.

The method of producing milky masterpieces depends completely on the microfoam transfiguration of milk. Heating the milk at extreme temperatures quickly converts it into a lighter, fluffier substance that can be sculpted much easier into priceless works of art. It also just occurs to change the milk's chemical structure, breaking down sugars and giving rise to a sweeter drink.

Latte art is also not a novelty of the café; it is a severe sport with its own world championship. South Korea hosted last year's World Latte Art Championship, with competitors coming in from thirty-six nations. Ultimately, Um Paul of the host country triumphed, but not without rigid competition.

Express Vending is enthusiastic about all coffee stuff, and coffee is fantastic for excellent reason. Latte art has a unique place in our hearts; the combination of coffee and art is just something bombastic. We have studied the latte art universe to give you enough inspiration and advice to roll the ball.
A Latte Art Guide From Barista #infographic

infographic by: www.expressvending.co.uk

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