What is the UK’s Favourite Chocolate Bar? #infographic

What is the UK’s Favourite Chocolate Bar?

The Dairy Milk has been the best-selling chocolate bar in the UK for many years. But –is it the favorite of the nation when it comes to taste? Let's look... We've been questioning a variety of distinct age groups with one easy issue:' What's your favorite chocolate bar?With Mars being the unanimous winner across all age groups, the findings were shocking to say the least, while Dairy Milk became increasingly less common with older generations.

Men placed Mars bars on top in all age groups. Women, however, tended to prefer Galaxy–though putting a close second to Mars. Galaxy does not appear to be the men's chocolate bar of choice, with no age group voting in its' top 3.' All parts of the UK voted their favorite Mars, other than Wales, who placed Dairy Milk on top of the best-selling.
What is the UK’s Favourite Chocolate Bar? #infographic

infographic by: www.cda.eu

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