The Web World: Who Owns Who? #infographic

The Web World: Who Owns Who?

Owning several other large businesses is a prevalent thing for one large business. There are, in fact, about a dozen companies owning all the others. Did you understand that Apple purchased Shazam for $400 million just a while ago (December 2017)? Or that both Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook and that Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, Skype, MSN and Bing?

 Before becoming a Microsoft baby business, however, Skype was under the wing of eBay. When you look at all the large business purchases that have occurred over the years, the world seems to be tiny, and all the major firms are always intertwined somehow. It's like a soap opera based on business. We're going to concentrate on two significant names in the universe of eCommerce, namely Amazon and eBay, as there's a lot going on.
The Web World: Who Owns Who? #infographic

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