The Opioid Crisis And The American Workplace #infographic

The Opioid Crisis And The American Workplace

The American Opioid Crisis has been in complete swing and epidemic since 2017. Unfortunately, little has been achieved about it so far. It also stimulates a secondary epidemic of hepatitis in many fields where the use of heroin is particularly high, which can spread to individuals who do not use drugs at all. How can employers take the lead in slowing America's opioid epidemic? Drug testing in the workplace is a excellent way to prevent casual drug use, but it is of little assistance in the event of prescription misuse.

Employers can step up and put in place a structure to enable those who want to seek assistance to connect with the correct facilities for their opioid abuse, and a guarantee that they will have a job when they return is a good incentive to use the service. Another excellent way to avoid relapses is peer-to-peer mentoring upon return. Learn more about how employers from the infographic below can avoid opioid abuse in the workplace.
The Opioid Crisis And The American Workplace #infographic

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