High-cost credit market analysis 2018 #infographic

High-cost credit market analysis 2018

Home loans, or doorstep loans, have typically operated under a model of female-to-female loans. Not only are females more likely to use home loans, they are also more likely to work as loan agents for the sector. This form of loan, however, usually has much greater interest rates than mainstream loan types, and can also be considered possibly exploitative.

This paper examines whether the home credit policy and regulatory structure takes into consideration the industry's female-oriented nature and thus protects women's rights and interests, the main users of this form of loan. The results highlight the presence of a policy gap with the pressing need to empower females as economic customers. In order to take gender into consideration and assist attain women's empowerment in financial markets, policy interventions, information collection, and sector studies need to be reoriented.

High-cost credit market analysis 2018 #infographic

infographic by: www.cashlady.com

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